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CPCA Retraining Scheme

Recharge your skills or the skills of your employees to boost your business.

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Welcome to the CPCA Retraining Scheme

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Retraining Scheme is a new pilot programme to prepare adults for changes to the economy. It will help them to retrain and secure better jobs whilst supporting employers to get the skilled workers they need. The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Retraining Scheme has been launched in response to the current economic situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses are currently experiencing significant interruption to their operations; some sectors are experiencing fall in demand for their products and services whilst other sectors are experiencing unprecedented growth. The CPCA recognises that businesses and individuals will need to evolve and diversify to ensure future stability and growth of the economy.

The CPCA Retraining Scheme Pilot has been developed with the current COVID-19 situation in mind. The CPCA Retraining Scheme will offer online introductions to Project Management, Leading Change, Team Leadership and Operational Leadership. Other full training programmes in Project Management and Management funded via the Apprenticeship Levy* will also be available as progression routes. As we assess the labour market in the coming months, we will use that data to inform future training needs for businesses and adapt the CPCA Retraining Scheme to meet that demand.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Retraining Scheme is coming soon – please register your interest using the enquiry form below.

Please see below to see if you meet the criteria for eligibility:

  1. Over 24 years of age
  2. Live or work within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  3. An employer must be within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  4. An employer that employs between 20 and 249 employees
  5. Can demonstrate that doing the Retraining course can retain a job or create a job/s
  6. Priority will be given to those critical and priority sectors*
  7. Must not have a degree

Leadership and Management Skills are key to all organisations and are the most commonly reported skills gap that exists within business. Our programmes start as an online learning offer to individuals to develop these skills during these times of homeworking. The training offer can progress to other options of learning, and can be discussed once the eligibility criteria is met and you or your member of staff are assessed

Recharge your skills or the skills of your employees to boost your business

The current situation should act as a wake-up call for employers to look a lot harder at how they are developing their workforce for the future. Building skills at all levels and roles is essential to improving productivity and performance, for engagement and retention of employees, and to highlight and support progression opportunities. However, many of these are longer term outcomes and too often the focus for training is on short term job needs.

*As this is a Pilot, the number of courses available are limited and will be assessed against the above criteria.
*Employers must meet the eligibility criteria to access the CPCA funding via Apprenticeship Levy Pooling

Hot Topics:

Leading Change

2x 90 minute virtual sessions

  • • Local PESTLE analysis
  • • Change plan features
  • • How change is dealt with
  • • Engaging your team

Project Management

2x 90 minute virtual sessions

  • • Undertaking a project approach
  • • Outline of key stages
  • • Value of gateway decisions
  • • Basic control & escalation

Team Leadership

2x 90 minute virtual sessions

  • • Key elements of leadership
  • • What teams want from leaders
  • • Motivating Others

Operational Leadership

2x 90 minute virtual sessions

  • • Leadership during change
  • • Influencing others
  • • Emotional intelligence

Digital Accountancy Skills

Online Learning

  • • Technical knowledge Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • • Apply knowledge to major cloud-based digital accountancy packages
  • • High demand within accountancy businesses

How it Works:

Step 1

Tell us about yourself and what type of skills you're looking to develop.

Step 2

We will discuss your goals and the opportunities we have available to help you retrain.

Step 3

Begin retraining in a new field with our assistance and enjoy your new career.

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