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CPCA Retraining Scheme

Employer Led, Regionally Relevant and Future Proof

The CPCA Pilot Retraining Scheme has been designed to help those affected by Covid-19 retrain into new careers.


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About The Retraining Scheme

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Retraining Scheme is a new pilot programme to prepare adults for changes to the economy, including those brought about by automation or those that have been disrupted due to Covid-19.

The Retraining Scheme is as an employer led model that has been designed to retrain individuals to secure better jobs whilst supporting employers to get the skilled workforce they need. The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Retraining Scheme has been launched in response to the current economic situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are keen to work with Employers in the Region who have identified Skills needed within their Workforce, or Future Recruitment needs as their Businesses adapt to changes within the working environment to develop a retraining offer.

Businesses are currently experiencing significant interruption to their operations; some sectors are experiencing fall in demand for their products and services whilst other sectors are experiencing unprecedented growth.

The CPCA recognises that businesses and individuals will need to evolve and diversify to ensure future stability and growth of the economy. The Retraining Scheme Pilot will be targeted towards helping people develop the necessary skills and training to adapt and embrace new ways of working. The Pilot will support employers by ensuring they have the skilled workforce they need now and for the future as the economy bounces back and recovers.

'Levelling-Up’ Agenda

The CPCA Retraining Scheme will support the ‘Levelling-Up’ Agenda to increase Adult Skills and better employment opportunities in our region. There has been a lack of opportunities for people to gain skills via retraining, which has become increasingly more important as employer needs for the right skilled workforce has and will significantly change. Upskilling, Retraining and Reskilling is vital to increase GVA in the region, especially as the labour market has been and will continue to be impacted by Covid-19, Brexit and the evolution and change many job roles are experiencing due to technical advances

The Government has set out its intention to address inequality in different regions and ‘level up’ underperforming and left-behind parts of the UK through a programme of infrastructure development, investing in education, skills and scientific R&D.

Meeting The Needs of Your Business

The scheme aims to Meet the Needs of Businesses for a multi-skilled workforce now and in the future. There is an overlap of jobs at risk due to Covid-19 and those at risk of displacement by automation. As technology changes the way people work, it is essential businesses and individuals are ready to adapt.

It is estimated that 38% - 42% of the UK population will need to completely retrain within the next 10 years and a multi-skilled workforce will be vital for future success. We are keen to work with employers in the region who have identified either a skills or future recruitment need to develop a solution for their business.

We are keen to support individuals who:

  • Individuals who are 24+
  • Working in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area
  • Do not currently have a degree
  • Are at risk of redundancy, currently furloughed or are in need of retraining

Those participating in the scheme will have access to support including, careers guidance, signposting to further skills development and access to funding (dependant on eligibility criteria below)

If you’re not an employer, please check if you qualify below:

Check If
You Qualify:

Answer the questions below:

Are you aged 24 or older?

Living or working within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough?

Can you demonstrate that you are at risk of redundancy, currently furloughed or in need of retraining to move into a new job?

Do you have a degree or equivalent level or above?

Do you earn a salary of under £30,000/year?

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We are pushing the button on this critical retraining scheme to get the many people who have been affected by Covid-19 the help they need to find new employment as quickly as possible.

Covid-19 has changed the way many businesses operate and I want the Combined Authority I lead to do everything in our power to help people adapt so they can take full advantage of these opportunities.

- Mayor James Palmer